Lymphatic Drainage in brief

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a very special massage technique, created by Dr. Vodder in the 1930’s.

The very slow, rhythmic and mild intensity pressures used are intended to accelerate the lymphatic drainage from the areas of stasis towards the drainage channels, so as to free the interstitial tissue from the liquids that have accumulated.

The effect is immediate well-being and the patient feels a sensation of lightness straight away in the concerned area. Even the appearance and colour of the skin improves, as well as in the presence of breaks in the skin (trophic ulcers, wounds etc.) and an accelerated healing process is apparent from the first sessions.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage finds its main field of application in the treatment of either primary or secondary lymphedema, but also in the venous, vascular and orthopaedic fields, ENT pathologies and in some chronic skin diseases.

It is also indicated for the treatment of stasis in the elderly or bedridden, in post-traumatic edema and minor traumatic pathology.