Treatment Report: R. F.
Diagnosis: ACL knee injury sn
Intervention: plastic LCA with gracilis and semitendinosus on 22/11/2012

A series of Vodder’s “Originalmethode” Manual Lymphatic Drainage massages was carried out on the left lower limb for a total of 10 sessions spread over two weeks.

The patient was first seen on 26/11/2012 presenting with a swollen left leg with a post-blood collection hematoma at the back of the thigh. The treatment proceeds with MLD and the application of Kinesio Tape in lymphatic correction for the post-blood collection hematoma.

At the end of the treatment cycle the limb has obtained an excellent volumetric decrease: the average of the measurements of the circumference were smaller than the apparent muscular hypotonia. The patient continued with hydrokinesitherapy, muscle strengthening and functional rehabilitation. At present knee extension is complete, the flex is equal to approximately 80°.

Here are some photos from which you can evaluate the improvement of the state of the skin, as well as the reduction of lymphedema and post-blood collection hematoma on the back of the thigh.

Fig.1: In date 26/11/2012
Fig.2: In date 26/11/2012
Fig.3: In date 29/11/2012
Fig.4: In date 04/12/2012
Fig.5: In date 07/12/2012